Slide selection jumping up when switching fast

One Mac is on Version 2.2, the other is on Version 2.4.6, they both do it.
In a song, if I try switching the slide 2 or more times fast, it jumps back up to only go down one slide.
Example: If I currently have V1 selected, but I double tap down to V3, the selector will move down to V3 for a second, then jump back up to, and stay on, V2.
It does the same thing no matter if I tap the down button, hold down the down button, or click with my mouse (Clicking V2 then V3 right after makes it jump, but it works to just click only V3)

How can I change it to where it actually changes to the slide I select?


  • @zanedm ; I am not on a Mac, and I can't replicate this on Windows.....With that said there are a couple of things that Might help.  Both would be considered lazy workarounds!
    1. Add a transition to your theme.  The second tap is ignored until the transition it would only advance one slide....
    2. Use the verse keyboard shortcut....if you need Verse 3, press v than 3 quickly....but you would have to know what verse or chorus you wanted.
    Beyond my two lazy workarounds I think you need to see if a Mac expert answers your questions.
  • @zanedm This is a known behaviour. Essentially what is happening is that you are changing slides faster than OpenLP can handle -- remember that OpenLP has to render each slide to the display screen. Once a slide is rendered, OpenLP goes back and synchronises the slide controller to what is on the display screen.

    The current solution is to slow down a little ;-)
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