Not able to move Data Location

Early on after using OpenLP, I moved the Data Location to a OneDrive folder since we have a few computers using the program (yes, we make sure that there is not simultaneous editing going on).  All worked well until I had to add another PC or two, then things got wonky because the "warning box" which pops up as the user is selecting a new Data Location is somewhat unclear in what it's saying, something like "these files will be overwritten by those files," with no clarity about which are "these" and "those", so I botched things.  What I did then was start fresh by creating a new folder to share.  The problem is that OpenLP won't let me use that new folder.  It keeps defaulting to the OneDrive folder I originally used.  Switching to the default location would make some sense, but not allowing me to go from one location to another has me flummoxed.  Any suggestions?
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