Is There a Sermon Notes Feature?

edited January 15 in General Support
I am brand new to OpenLP, and our church is considering it for regular use. While I know that Open LP can't import keynote files, it does accept PDF presentations (thus allowing me to export Keynote presentations as a PDF). But here is my big question: is it possible to attach text notes to each slide in the presentation that can be seen in the remote on my iPad from the pulpit, without them showing up on screen? I currently use Keynote for my sermons and we use something else for our music, but would like to integrate everything into one program if possible, its just that I use the presenter notes features of Keynote every week, and don't want to go without that feature if possible. I am not a programmer and can't work with code but am otherwise not a complete luddite. Any answers would be appreciated, even if it was to notify me that this isn't possible.


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