Song tracking

I'm having problems with the song tracking fonction. More specifically with extracting the tracked songs. All I get is a sheet that's hard to read. Somewhere between a whole mass of unstrctured letters/numbers/signs I can see the song titles -  but it's very chaotic to say the least. What can I do to get a clear list of the songs for example that were used in the last 2 years?
Maybe saving it in a different file format? txt  is no good. I've tried to extract it in an excel sheet - but no better...

Very grateful if you have an insight to share!


  • @samsli ; post the file you exported from OpenLP in this google folder and I will take a look.
  • @samsli ; Let me see if I can clear up what you are seeing and help you to use the data!
    The file is a comma separated list with ALL the fields of the list inside double quotes.
    Format of each LINE in the export file is as follows....
    1. Date the song was displayed yyyy-mm-dd
    2. Time the song was displayed hh:mm:ss and the partial second is recorded to 6 decimal points.
    3. Song title
    4. Copyright information
    5. CCLI Song Number
    6. Category - `Songs`
    7. How it was used - `Displayed`
    To use the data you could just open the file and count the number of times each song was displayed.....I don't suggest this!

    I would suggest you import the file into your spreadsheet program.  Using LibreOffice I open the file within Calc and it opens a `Text Import` window that asks about the file.  Make sure the `Separated by` option is set to a `,` then select the `OK` button and the file is input into the spreadsheet.  From this point you can sort or filter as needed to get the information you need.

    For my church we add this information to the printed bulletin counts when reporting to our copyright licensing company.
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