Remote API/Calls

I've been using an app on my Android called unified remote (  It has the ability to create custom remotes for Windows, Mac and Linux computers.  One of the things I love with it is that I can create my own custom Widgets with controls from multiple things.  I'd like to build an OpenLP remote with it, but not sure where to find a reference to how to do so.   The Android app is great, but I'd like to create a more customized one that I can add a few other windows buttons to (volume controls, etc).  


  • OpenLP doesn't currently expose a way to control the volume remotely. Also, from an initial poke at UnifiedRemote for VLC, it just focuses the VLC window and presses keys and shortcuts -- hardly any real integration happening there.
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    I know OPenLP doesn't allow that, but Unified Remote does.  And it can handle more than key presses and short cuts, among the things it can handle are HTTP requests, which I presumed was how OpenLP's remotes communicate with the program.  What I'm hoping to do is create a server in Unifed Remote to work with OpenLP by passing the commands to OpenLP, so I can create a custom remote on my control android that does multiple things.  Right now I have one that works, but only if OpenLP is the active window (using key press sends).  If I could use HTTP requests instead, then it wouldn't have to be the active window.  

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