4k laptop display dpi issues?

I've just downloaded and installed OpenLP on my laptop that has a 4k monitor.

First off, the size of the icons in the program are tiny, so the program isn't scaling correctly.
Also, when creating a new theme, the text doesn't display because, I assume, the blue box is missing from the preview and it must be off to one side somewhere due to a scaling issue or something to do with the size of background image, which I have at 1920x1080, which will be our projection resolution.
I'm having to increase the size of the text to 110px on the default theme to get the text size to be useable. Is this normal?

Is this something that is being worked on to fix in a future version?

I haven't tried connecting to a secondary display yet, but obviously, I wouldn't be able to do that all the time anyway so getting the program to work first would be a priority before testing at church.

Thanks for any help you can give



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