Using Logitech R500 clicker with OpenLP 2.4.6

I'm missing something simple I think.

I have no problem using the R500 to move through the service manager, but it simply moves through the items in service manager. How to I trigger it to then work through the items inside each SM entry?

I have tried disabling the Logitech app which can add a second layer of control when the forward and back buttons are held down for a long press.



  • Check the keyboard shortcuts in OpenLP and make sure your clicker is using the same keys.
  • Also there is a setting that allows you to go to the next item in the SM by using the next slide button.  Checkout the manual for more details on the setting.
  • Thanks to both of you.  Its very clear now I've delved into things further, as you've suggested how much thought has been put into making the product very flexible and configurable.

    We appear to be moving to controlling more of the Service from

    What I've found is that with presenter software inactive, is that the clicker is effectively just using the Right button to move through things.  This works fine within Powerpoint (I note that Powerpoint Viewer is no more in Windows at least)

    The Right button was set to " Next Service" on face value of those words I'd expect it to move on to the next highest dated/timed service but was actually operating as a "move on to the next item in the service manager" I can't think it would often be useful in the real world to move to another service - is the description wrong? 
    I couldn't see a way to delete a keyboard shortcut so gave it a combo that wouldn't be pressed by accident and have allocated the Right button to "Next" and Left to "Previous" in the Live Tool Bar.  Not quite sure whether to change the same in Preview Toolbar or not most likely irrelevant.
    In the Configure OpenLP settings I've selected   Next Slide under Service Item Slide Limits - it seems to get me through the items in the service via clicker with two exceptions.  First where we have a looping Powerpoint (clearly we'd need to intervene to move things on anyway), and the other where there are 2 Powerpoints one after the other in the service one for notices the other for the preach)

    I guess OpenLP has handed control to powerpoint, which having clicked nicely through the first presentation a further click to exit dumps it back to OpenLP which doesn't then accept the click to follow through to the next presentation.

    Is there a combination solution between Powerpoint and OpenLP. Would it be the same if two Impress presentations were used in same placement in Service Manager?
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