Romanian Songs Letters specific Import from XML does not import properly

We are importing songs from a dreambeam xml file and the language specific letters do not import properly. (Ex. ă, î, â, ș, ț).
I am listing the examples of the letters. Note: the XML file shows the letters correct. Only after the import into OpenLP you can see the problem.
ș as ÅŸ
ă as Äƒ
â as Ã¢
ț as Å£
î as Ã®
Ș as Åž
Î as ÃŽ
Ț as Å¢
Is there anyone familiar that can guide us how to resolve this?
I tried attaching an xml file to this post but it does not let me.


  • @Dani_I_S ; I have seen this before.  The issue is in the definition of computers evolved ASCII changed how it represented the Characters.  IF you look at the source files with a HEX editor you will find that each of the letters are presented by 2 characters.  

    Here is something you can try. 
    1. Create a new song.  Don't import one! And pick a song with as many of the characters from above....I have gone so far as to create a verse with all of the characters in it with a space between each....but either way will work.
    2. When you create the verse, you should be able to cut the verse from the xml or type it in by hand.
    3. Finish up the new song and save it.
    4. Now export the song.

      Now the hard part!

    5. Use a dumb text editor....the dumber the better.  In Windows, notepad will work....VI would work in Linux.  Open your xml file and the exported song.
    6. Find the first character that has an issue in the xml
    7. Find the same character in the exported song and copy the character
    8. In the xml file, paste the copied character over the character in the xml. 
    9. Save the xml file.
    Now you have to prove it worked before you go any further.....import the xml file and see if the ONE character now displays correctly in OpenLP.....if it looks like it should in OpenLP, you should be able to use a "Replace All" type of command and update the xml file with all of the characters you are having issues with.

    I know this is a strange workaround for the problem of multiple versions of ASCII, but it might just work.
  • @Dani_I_S Could you try to put an XML file on Dropbox or Google drive or something similar and share the link here?
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