SongSelect login failing when member is part of more than one CCLI "organisation"

edited March 2020 in Troubleshooting
I'm a worship leader at our church for which, on the SongSelect website, we have an "organisation". However, I'm also a song writer and have recently added songs to CCLI. As a song writer, CCLI created another "organisation" which I join on the site if I want to manage my songs, as opposed to the church "organisation" which I use if I want to source songs for services.

Importing songs to OpenLP through the SongSelect dialogue box was all fine ... until I had two organisations on my CCLI profile page. Once that happened, OpenLP failed to log me in. I know that was the issue because when I deleted my new songwriter organisation, OpenLP logged me in with no problems.

It would be good to know if OpenLP is supposed to support users with multiple CCLI organisations or not and developers are aware of this. Alternatively, is this a bug?

On a side note, when the SongSelect login fails, you get an error message. When you click "OK" on this message, neither the X on the import login dialogue is accessible nor the X on the main program. The only way to get out of this is to hit ESC which many users will not be aware of. The GUI should allow users to click the X on the import dialogue.


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