Songs of Fellowship 6 Import CCLI Link

   I have been trying to import the songs of fellowship 6 words file into OpenLP but it was formatted differently so wouldn't import.  I have corrected the format so it will now import OK using the SOF import option (a few little tweaks still required).  My question is the file includes the CCLI reference number but will only import to the copyright line and not CCLI text box.  Does anyone know how import to put the CCLI number in the correct field.
It is all working without it but would be nice to include if possible. Sample is below of how it is presently formatted, artists and verses/chorus imports fine
Erasmus Mutanbira
Copyright © 2005 Integrity's Praise! Music/Sound Of The New Breed
A Songs of Fellowship Worship Resource
CCLI Number: 4654148


You are Alpha and Omega;
We worship You, our Lord.
You are worthy to be praised.

We give You all the glory;
We worship You, our Lord.
You are worthy to be praised.


If you can offer any advice it would be appreciated, hopefully this hasn't been duplicated but been looking for a while and had to compare SOF2 file to SOF6 to work out what's changed.
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