Stage view with Bible book?

In the default Stage view verses do not have the book listed with the text. Is it possible to add it? For example, if I'm displaying Matthew 28:19 stage view will show 28:19 followed by the verse text but without the book (Matthew in this case). I've tried looking at the stage.js and several .py files but I don't see a way to add the book. I'm guessing I'll have to modify the remote plug bible plugin some where. I'm just not sure where to start. As a programmer, I can handle it if I just knew what needed to be changed. Any ideas?


  • @jareeep ; What version of OpenLP are you using?  It has been a long time since i worked on the stage display....I make no promise that I can help, but knowing the version will help.
  • 2.4.5 but I can upgrade to 2.4.6 if needed.
  • Hello,

    I'm struggling with the same issue. 

    Your help would be much appreciated!


    v 2.4.6
  • I know on 2.4.6 the book name is not displayed on the live screen or the stage screen.  I am searching for a workaround or for a fix in the next release.
  • just to make sure we are all talking about the same thing.  When you have the verses in the service and double click on the first verse in the service the live display is shown and in the footer the Book name, chapter, verses are shown.  You want to be able to get to the book name and have it added to the chapter/verse that is displayed with each verse in the STAGE view....This is what I am looking into.
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    In the stage view there is a div tag with class=currentslide. Current slide contains information for bible chapter, verse number and verse text. I need another div in the current slide to show the Bible book somewhere on the screen, not in front of every verse on the screen. We use stage view to display the song and bible lyrics in OBS Streaming. Here is a screenshot example:
    I need to place the Book name somewhere on the screen similarly like the live view in the footer, but the book name is not in the stage.html file.

    The live display, and the main view show the book name in the footer, but not the stage view. Here is a screenshot:

    The book name element is pretty much missing on the stage view.

    The main view (main.html) shows the same screen as the live view because it gets the entire screen as an image every 500ms. This is what I understand from the JS file main.js.

  • After researching and talking with the developers, the Bible Book name is not part of the API for version 2.4.6.  Due to the unavailable libraries used in version 2.4.6 we can not make changes to the API to add it to version 2.4.6.  I'll but in a request to have it added in the next version of OpenLP.  

    While we wait for the new version to be released I think I found a workaround you might try. 
    1.  Add the verses to your service just like normal.
    2. Right click on the Bible Verse collapsed Item in the Service and select 'Notes' from the drop down menu
    3. Type or paste the Bible Book Name into the note input box and click on the 'OK' button.
    This puts a Note just below the clock with the Bible name....if you modify the stage .css and .html files just a bit I believe you can put this on the line with the clock or anyplace else you want.  

    This isn't a real solution because it is rather manual and we are prone to getting in a hurry and forgetting things, but it should help until a real solution can be built in!
  • Thanks, I'll try it for now. Although it is completely manual solution.

    Hopefully the new version will be available soon. 

  • I hope the new release will bee soon, but I am an optimist....what can go wrong Will go wrong!

    Sorry i could no stop myself!  i am sure we will have a new release of the software soon, but I am not sure if this will be in it!
  • I was able to create a custom stage view and put use the Notes field as a work around as you suggested. I did have to slightly modify the stage.js file to show/hide the notes field is there wasn't a verse number. This was in order to handle long verses which are split across multiple slide (I used Esther 8:9 as the example). This way stage view shows "Esther 8:9" for the first slide, but removes it for the second half of the verse. Otherwise, the second slide would have "Esther" and then the rest of the verse, without the chapter:verse portion of the reference. It was fairly easy to do and worked great for this evenings service.

    In short, thanks for the suggestion. It worked great with my small amount of tinkering to make it perfect. Now I just have to remember to add the Note for each set of scriptures. lol
  • jareeep, you should be able to pull the book name out of the title element that can be found and stored during the loadService call in the JavaScript.
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