Projecting live panel and have OLP on the laptop

I was able to do this when I first connected to projector but it is not able to repeat this.  What am I doing wrong?  I have spent hours trying to figure this out.  I have referred to the manual, online and the forum.  


  • @wstewkim ; The first thing I make sure of is that the projector is seen as a second display....meaning the laptop screen and the projector do NOT show the same things....some operating systems use terms like cloning and extending the screens....extending is what you want.

    Once you have made sure the laptop and projector are not clones of each other then you can start OpenLP.  Once OpenLP is completely started the projector should be showing the OpenLP logo....if the OpenLP logo is on the laptop screen, press the ESC should go away....sometimes you have to press the TAB key and then the ESC key.  Once you can see the OpenLP main window configure the display in settings so it uses the projector as the output display.

    On Windows 10, I make sure to plug in the projector and power on the projector before starting the laptop....this way Windows remembers how I want my screens....displays are plug and play on Windows 10, but they are handled differently if you plug them in after Windows is up and running.
  • Thanks for your help John.  I finally got around to trying your suggestions. I select "Extend Screen" but I am still unable to be successfull.  I do realize that the projector is not able to be detected from my Laptop in Settings, Display.  Shouldn't the projector be detected? I am able to project but not the live panel seperate from OpenLP on my laptop.  When I first downloaded OpenLP and connected the projector it was successfull but since then I can't repeat it.  In "Configure OpenLP" I see "Screen 1 (Primary)" only. Is this what I should get?
  • Just wondering whether you might have two connections for the video cable: video in and video out on your projector? How do you connect your projector to the laptop? Make sure the video cable is connected to video in on the projector.
  • Are there two HDMI ports on your projector? Some projectors have a hdmi in port and a hdmi out port so that you can connect a monitor as well as the projector. I just wondered whether maybe you had the hdmi cable in the wrong port?
  • just one port.  Any idea why the projector isn't detected in the setting , Display,....?
  • Is the projector working? Does it have any other ports as well as hdmi? Could it be set to another port?

    Can you try the projector with another computer? Another cable?

    If Windows doesn't see the projector then there is no point in trying OpenLP.

    Have you tried shutting down the computer, not just pressing the power switch?

    Have you tried scan for hardware in Device manager?
  • wstewkim what operating system are you running?  Have you tried to adjust the display/projector using the video drivers on the laptop?  Sometimes this helps when the OS can't see the second display.
  • Paul, The projector works and displays everytime. It uses SVGA but my laptop only has HDMI connection.  I will try another HDMI cable. I don't have another laptop to try. Il also try scan for device.  I always shut down usinf the mouse.  Thx.

    John,  I using WIndows 10.  Excuse my ignorance but I may have tried to adjust but I am not sure how it is done. 
  • @wstewkim if you right click on the background you will get a small menu.  If you are lucky it will have an option for the video manufacturer's tool to adjust the video output.  Each of the manufacturer's tools are different and sometimes they are not installed, but if they are installed you may be able to force windows to recognize the projector as a monitor.

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