Can I add subtitles to image display?

Hi - I'm transferring to OpenLP from OpenSong (on a Mac, in case it matters).

One of the things I used to do with OpenSong was have (as a single item at the start of the Service list) a loop of images running while people arrive. Sometime there would be a subtitle on one of these images - for example if there is a Baptism in the service then I would include our standard Baptism slide with the subtitle "We welcome John Smith and family for Baptism this morning".

Is there a way that I can do this in OpenLP - other than create a customised image that I edit for each service?


  • @Churchmouse I have been doing an announcement loop for a long time using OpenLP and I don't know of a way to add to Text to an image within OpenLP.  I started by using PowerPoint files for the announcements, but didn't like the way that worked.  I tried creating a "Song" with all the different images as individual slides...this has promise, but it is a pain to maintain!  I settled on modifying the images outside OpenLP and loading the new/changed slides each week.

    One thing that I learned is that OpenLP plays the files in filename order.  I created a prefix for my images so they play in the order I want them to play....'0 intro'...'1 Coffee'...  When I got to 9 the next index was A....that lets me get up to 36 slides before it repeats.....but I have never gotten all the way to Z!
  • Did you know you can reorder images in a service?
  • @PaulRowell ; Good Point!  I find it easier to order my images while saving them and then just drop the image folder into the service.  I can set the loop on the folder and be done with it.  At least 50% of the images don't change week to week so I think I am saving some time....but changing them in the service might be just as fast!

  • @JohnM - thanks for your response. I rather suspected that would be the case.  I am going to create a separate folder for the images I use, with titled and plain copies of each image, and will just have to edit the titled ones as needed.

    On the plus side, from what I've seen so far, the image items in the Library appear to be references to image files, so just editing the image before adding to the service is sufficient and I won't have to remove and re-add the image to the Library.
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