Limit video display area


Is there a way of limiting video displays in OpenLP to part of the screen area.

I am switching to OpenLP from OpenSong partly because it can do integrated video on the Mac, which is better that manually running Keynote as a separate instance to play videos.  However, because we are currently recording our services via Zoom we need to avoid the right-hand edge of the screen which has pictures of the ministers overlaid.

With videos run from Keynote I can reduce the embedded video size to not be the whole screen - is it possible to do this within OpenLP?


  • You can manually set the display area of OpenLP, have a look in the manual:
    I hope this is what you are looking for.

  • Just to clarify, if I do this ...

    1. I assume that all slides restrict their theme (i.e. images, defined areas etc) to this redefined area.  (This is not a problem)

    2. However, does OpenLP then put anything on the second monitor outside this area, or does it create a window (and what then happens if I make the window full-screen)?

    3. If OpenLP can still fill the whole screen (larger than the defined display area), what does it put outside the display area - is it the current theme's background colour (to look like an extension of the theme).

    Note that I have my work computer hooked up to my external monitor at the moment, and so can't really try this on my personal macbook until the end of the week (which is shortly before we record our service); which is why I am asking rather than just trying it.
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