Remove # from Song number

Hi - i'm switching from OpenSong to OpenLP (on Mac if it helps).

I like to have the hymn number on screen, where known, for the benefit of those who prefer (large-print) books to the screen.  However I find the fact that OpenLP prefixes the number with a # sign annoying.  Using # as an abbreviation for "number" is a very techie thing (or possibly American; I am in UK) - most of our church wouldn't understand it and I would like to remove it.

I guess that I could, in theory, edit the song database directly, but it seems that it would be better if there was an option to change this.

Also, I only really want this on some songs (those that are in our church hymnbook).  Since footers aren't configurable per theme/item in OpenLP I suspect my only option there is to not set the songbook when they come from other books.


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