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Recently I found a topic here on how to customize a stage live view. I'm trying to find a way to use my projector (default view) and another lyrics output (remote stage view) which I access through my streaming software. This is a custom stage view that has a transparent background, so I don't need to chroma key it.
But I'm quite limited. Because I copied the default stage view files and adapted to my needs (fonts, transparent background) I'm not able to "blank to theme". Even if I blank it, only my projector is affected, while my custom stage view stills display text. It's obvious because it's the way it's supposed to be (display text as a reference on the stage monitor).
I know that the remote main view and the stage view are different in their functionalities. But I'd like to know if there's a way to remove my text on my stage view when "blank to theme" is on.
Basically I wanted to create two different video outputs (analogic and web remote) to be controlled at the same time and with the same results. So if there's another way to do this, please let me know. Maybe trying to change the default remote main view to remove its background as well, idk.
There is no problem for me to code js or any other language, I just want to make it work!

Thanks in advance! Bless!


  • Here is the code I used is a custom stage view I built to do this functionality in OBS.  I bolded the sections you will need to add to your javascript code to make work.  If you want the entire part I built I would be happy to share.  I am just displaying the text of the songs or the text of the scripture.  Plus a little footer with song title or scripture title.

    updateSlide: function() {
      if (OpenLP.currentTheme || OpenLP.currentBlank)
      else {
    // Show the current slide if displayed
    var slide = OpenLP.currentSlides[OpenLP.currentSlide];
    var text = "";
    text += slide["text"];
    // Show the Song or Scripture Title
    text += "<br /><div id='itemFooter'>" + OpenLP.itemFooter + "</div>";
    text = text.replace(/\n/g, "<br />");
    text = "";
      pollServer: function () {
          function (data, status) {
            if (OpenLP.currentItem != data.results.item ||
                OpenLP.currentService != data.results.service) {
              OpenLP.currentItem = data.results.item;
              OpenLP.currentService = data.results.service;
      OpenLP.currentTheme = data.results.theme;
      OpenLP.currentBlank = data.results.blank;
            else if (OpenLP.currentSlide != data.results.slide) {
              OpenLP.currentSlide = parseInt(data.results.slide, 10);
    else if (OpenLP.currentTheme != data.results.theme  ||
    OpenLP.currentBlank != data.results.blank) {
      OpenLP.currentTheme = data.results.theme;
      OpenLP.currentBlank = data.results.blank;
  • Hi, thanks for the code.

    How can I remove the text, when I show pdfs, jpgs, pptx, video files? For example "video.mp4".

    I want to use this view only for song texts.

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