Ability to display 2 lanaguages in lyrics and 2 bible translations @ once

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Ability to display 2 lanaguages in lyrics and 2 bible translations @ once would be really cool like in opensong (ithink it is and dreambeam)


As I am the media / tech guy at my church and would like to be able to display english and tagalog versions as the church i goto is primarily Filipino but in Australia


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    Was wondering if this feature will be in version 2. I have been using this software for about 8 months now and the only thing I dont like is that you cant display two bibles at once.

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    We are intending implementing more than one language in songs in openlp.org 2.0, but we hadn't thought about Bible translations. I'll put that one to the team and see what they say.

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    Already planned for version 2 is the ability to show 2 verses from different bibles on the same slide.  This can be by language or version.

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    I am glad that you are looking into displaying two languages at the same time as this is something that we need.

    Would it be possible to add text formating within a "Song Slide" e.g. to allow for displaying alternate lines of a song that are in different language.  This could be easily seen by the veiwer because of the corresponding font attritubes (such as white bold for 1st Language and Italic grey for the 2nd Language)

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    I have been looking for this for very long time. I need to show two languages at the same time. I have just finished working on Ukrainian translation of the Bible and can post it for others to use. But i also need to display English and Ukrainian language at the same time.

    When do you think that will be possible with OpenLp?



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    hey taras_90,

    it will be possible anywhere in the not so far future, I'd say. openlp.org 2.0 will be able to display scriptures in different languages at the same time. But the progress until the finalization of 2.0 will absolutely take at least this year (I'd say).

    be blessed,


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    I'm now trying to move from opensong to openlp because of this feature.

    But we often need it even in one language: Sometimes the worship leader would suddenly switch from the third person to the second person.

    So "He is Lord" must now be replaced with "You are Lord"

    Also often the plural/singular changes: E.g.: I vs We

    Some songs have multiple versions. A visiting leader might start to sing a song and suddenly I need to jump to another version of the same song.


    Naturaly I would like to have a hotkey access to be able to make fast jumps.


    Ferdi Louw


  • I would like to start with thanking for all the hard work that the developers have put into this software. We are a multilingual church and like to display 2 different version/languages of the Bible.

    The trouble we run into are long verses. At current time, OpenLP would display the first version/language and then the second version/language on next slide. Is there a plan to have OpenLP break up the verse that it would display both versions/languages at same time even if both verses bleed into next slide? Allowing users to read same verse in different version/language at the same time the main version/language is being read.

  • @KostiaKaz we don't have anyone working on that feature at the moment.

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