Can't create new service

I've just downloaded version 2.4.6 for Windows to investigate openlp. When I try to create a new service from the File menu or button in service manager panel nothing happens. Is this feature available?


  • The first time you open OpenLP, the service is blank.  Therefore if you open a new service nothing appears to change.  Suggest you run a test and add an item or two to a service.  The first time you save a service, you will be prompted to name the service, a default format for the service name will be provided.  You can just select that or rename as you desire.  Then select new service and you will see the service will be cleared and you can build a new service.
  • Thanks for replying Bill, I understand now. I just expected that when I opened a new service it would open a dialog box to allow me to enter the service name, or something like that. Perhaps a confirmation message along the lines of "new service created, right-click items to add them to the new service" might be helpful (in the case where there isn't an existing service).
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