Importing songs from powerpoint slides

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I've been hoping to get openlp up and running in our church, however there's one small problem limiting its use. Up until now we've used a program called PowerPreview, which relies on powerpoint slides as its base. As such our large database of songs are all in Powerpoint slides. The only thing stopping us from using openlp is that it would take literally hours to individially import every slide of every song into openlp using copy and paste. Nor can we really use the slide show feature of openlp, as the slides are all various colours and backgrounds (PowerPreiview has set themes, so we did not need to individually change each slide show) So the only option at the moment would be to copy and paste each song into openlp. 

So my request, if possible, would be a powerpoint slideshow importer for songs. All the songs are already laid out in separate slides that would transfer to openlp's song slides.  It would make the transition so much easier. 


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    Been there and it is troublesome but rewarding.

    We moved from Powerpoint to OpenLp last year and I migrated all the powerpoint slides.  There is an importer at

    It may not work or need tweeking as it needs to understand the structure of your slides.  All the songs will need to be cleaned by and after to make sure the paging works.

    All the songs are tagged so you can see which ones have not been cleaned.

    The biggest problem for us was the loss of authors and copyright info.

    We are adding that back in on a "as used"  basis.



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    The utility has some basic processing for authors and copyright, it just relies on them being in their own textbox and containing the copyright symbol or the word copyright.

    It isn't really possible to make an out of the box generic import since everyone formats their powerpoints differently, but with a bit of tweaking the script will hopefully do much of the hardwork.

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    Thanks for the info. I found that utility shortly after making this post. I tried it on our new Vista laptop, but it didn't seem to work, which is a pain. However I think I should be able to just import them all on the older XP laptop and transfer the openlp songbase onto the Vista. It seemed to work fine on my PC at home.

    Thanks again



  • I figured out the easiest way to transfer your files to OpenLP.

    1. download LibreOffice
    3.start OpenLP
    4. File>import>songs
    5.start the wizard format drop down & choose > Generic document/presentation (add files )
    8.find your powerpoint song folder > choose >Next 
    9. finish!!! 
     THAT'S IT, ALL DONE !!!

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