Tag a Song not to show the Licence and Copyright infomation

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It is possible to configure the whole of OpenLp not to display the CCL and Copyright Info for All songs.

In the UK this is illegal BUT for some "Songs" this would be nice.

We have a "Song" displaying the bible reading and page number.  This is a bit silly with the song information in the bottom corner.

As the database is being changed in 1.2 could this feature be added as the screen code is present it just needs activating.


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    I think this has a slight overlap with this request. We too have items like liturgy and prayers where the CCLI details are not relevant/legally required and so it would be nice to have the option to not display this information on an item by item basis.

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    From 1.2 we'll be adding a new item type, "Custom slide." This will allow you to add custom slides (like creeds, etc) with custom credits (or none at all), and will be kept in a separate tab in the media manager.

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    On a different approach to this request, in another projection program I have seen the CCLI and song information only displayed on the first slide the first time the song was displayed.  I would think that this would be a desirable way of displaying the songs without constantly cluttering the screen.  Additionally being able to complete omit otherwise useless data would lessen any distractions on the screen itself allowing the congregation to focus on the words alone.
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    Although I understand where you're coming from, we have to be careful here.

    "The first time the song was displayed"... what happens if you quickly run through the slides before the service?

    "On the first slide"... what if the worship leader decides to start with the chorus?

    I'm not saying there aren't ways around this type of thing, it just needs to be properly thought out in a way that complies with CCLI.


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    I would like to add that we traditionally had the CCLI copyright etc. info on the last slide of each song.

    This covered two things:

    1) Legal regulation

    2) It indicated that this was the last slide in the song (helps the songleaders and the congregation! + and me!)

    I would like to see a "show copyright info on last slide/show copyright on all slides/show copyright on first slide" toggle options in the settings (or per song.. this may be a little tricky though).


    Thanks again for all the hard work you guys put in. I wish my programming was up to scratch enough to help you out. (give it time :)



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    The answer is simple:  Have an option to disable displaying of Copyright Info with a Warning window poping up saying that you may be braking a law depending on the country that you live in.  Keep in mind, most third world countries don't have those laws including my country.

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