OpenLP Link - Overlay Lyrics and Bible Verses in Livestream Studio 6

Hi, fellow OpenLP users,

Our church just started using Livestream Studio 6 to stream our services. (We subscribed to Vimeo so we could simulcast to Facebook and our own Web site, and it's included in the subscription.) We wanted to overlay Bible verses and custom slides in our live stream, but we also want to project them for the congregation as normal when we meet as a large congregation again. So I wrote a Python program that copies the current lyrics from the OpenLP Remote into a .csv file in near-real time. We use it to power a GFX layer in Livestream Studio. We have only used it one Sunday so far, but it was very successful - OpenLP Link and Livestream Studio updated the video stream in less than a second when our media operator changed the slide. (And it didn't crash!)

You can download the program on GitHub at:

I hope other churches find this useful!
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