New package for NixOS in review (for version 2.4.6)

edited June 2020 in Development
Hi OpenLP-folks,

I have been using OpenLP on NixOS/with the Nix package manager ( for some time, and recently made an effort to support most features, to get my private package into the distro repo (nixpkgs). It is still for version 2.4.6 as this is the version I use.

In principle, due to Nix this package should also run on all linux distros and MacOS, although I cannot test this. The Nixpkgs CI automatically checks that it builds on NixOS, non-NixOS linux and darwin.

Currently the package is an open pull request on GitHub:

If anyone is interested, please have a look at it. Comments and hints are welcome, especially regarding three remaining bugs in the package:
  1. checks must be disabled because they are lacking the qt env.
    (this one is very nix specific; see ./lib.nix and
  2. segfault on exit. Not a real problem, according to debug log, everything shuts down correctly.
    Maybe related to
    Plan: Wait for OpenLP-3, since it is already in alpha 2 (2020-06-22; news:
  3. {my,postgre}sql and jenkins are disabled, because probably almost no one uses it and I didn’t test it. Is this really not needed?
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