Keystroke Triggering

Hey Everyone!

I was wondering if someone could give me a hand with an idea I have.

At the moment I'm using OpenLP in conjunction with OBS Studio to stream our worship services.
I've set it up so OBS Studio will change to specific "Scenes" using the shortcut "CTRL + SHIFT + #" where  # is a number. 

Is there a way to create a script so that, within OpenLP, there's a trigger to hit that combination of keys? That way, instead of making my computer person use the shortcut on the keyboard, they could just make their way through the item on OpenLP and it would change the Scene in OBS. I was curious if there was some sort of HTML cleverness I could use....

Before I finish up I just want to say: OpenLP is amazing and the community here is fantastic. The fact that we have custom stage views available to us is brilliant and combined with the cleverness of people realising that it can be used in OBS for text overlays: lovin' it.


  • Hi there, just in the last days I worked on a way to trigger OBS scene changes (or really whatever you would like) from inside OpenLP. I’m planning to post a full tutorial soon. Would you be interested?

    It works by having a custom slide called for example “Scene change: Band”, which triggers a JavaScript located in stage view (which is running in OBS anyway). This JavaScript then executes the scene change in OBS via the OBS Websocket Plugin.

    You can also specify scene changes based on the type of slide (e.g. always show the band when displaying lyrics, always show a bible background picture when reading verses, switch to full screen view when playing a video), or put the scene changes in the notes. There’s really not much you can’t do.
  • @fiveofsix I would be interested!  I'm streaming our services using OBS and and I am mixing OpenLP and live views and would love to be able to auto switch scenes in OBS
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