(Right) Arrow Key Behaviour

Hi folks,

The OpenLP Manual has this section in it at one point.

Moving Through a Service¶
Once you have your first item displayed live you can move through the service in a couple of ways. You can double-click on each item you need displayed, or click it once and press enter. If your songs, verses, etc. are in the order you will be displaying them, you can use the Right Arrow key on your keyboard to move down through your service.

On my Mac, when I go through a service, I can use just the right arrow key as described. It will take me from item to item as well as to the next slide within the item. So, as long as everything is done sequentially, the right arrow key will do everything that I need for the service.

Unfortunately for me, my church has bought a Windows laptop. I can’t get the same behaviour from OpenLP on it as I do on the Mac.

What am I missing? Or is there no possible way to do what I need it to do?

Thanks for any help with this. I am lost.



  • I believe the default key to go to the next slide is the `Down` arrow key. Although, in the advanced settings you will need to set the `Service Item Slide Limits` to `Move to next/previous service item` to allow overflowing to the next service item. The `Right` arrow key advances to the next service item, irrespective of what slide you are on.

    You can customise shortcuts if you wish (manual link). The shortcuts you are interested in are in the `Live Toolbar` section.
  • Hi @ninjakiwi,

    thanks for your reply.

    I know that I didn’t make any changes to the shortcuts on the Mac. And what you’re saying doesn’t fit with what I believe that the manual is saying. See what I quoted in the original post.

    Do you read that quote differently to how I’m reading it? 

    I thought that it was me being used to how I operated OpenLP on the Mac that was causing me to make mistake regularly. But I was watching someone else operating the projection this morning. They were making the same mistake that I regularly do. That is, getting confused about when the right arrow is needed vs when the down arrow is needed. 

    Again, what I understand that part of the manual is saying is that just the right arrow can be used to move through the service (provided that everything is in the correct order).
  • @AndrewK Hmm, well whatever our interpretation of the manual is, it is strange that there is different behaviors on the two machines.

    I'd be happy to help you setup the windows computer to how you expect it to behave.
    If I understand correctly, you want the right arrow key to go through each slide in a item, and once it reaches the last slide, it should switch to the next service item.

    To get this behavior, you can switch the shortcuts for the vertical and horizontal arrow keys, and make sure OpenLP overflows to the next service item:
    1. Open the configure shortcuts interface (manual - customize shortcuts)
    2. Scroll down to the "Live Toolbar" category
    3. Set "Previous Slide" and "Next Slide" shortcuts to some temporary, arbitrary keys such as "J" and "K"
    4. Set "Previous Service" and "Next Service" to the now unassigned "Up" and "Down" keys
    5. Go back and set "Previous Slide" and "Next Slide" to the new unassigned "Left" and "Right" keys
    6. Close the shortcuts panel and open the "Configure OpenLP" panel.
    7. Open the "Advanced" tab in the settings
    8. Under "Service Item Slide Limits", select "Move to next/previous service item".
    9. Close the settings
    I hope that helps!

    P.S. The manual is a little unclear; In the Moving Through a Service section where it states:
    you can use the Right Arrow key on your keyboard to move down through your service
    It means down through the service list, not through individual slides. The section following that, titled Moving through a song bible verses or images contains the information about switching through slides within service items.
  • Hi @ninjakiwi,

    Thanks for the detailed instructions!

    I've now tested your changes for two weeks (and also had someone else operate part of the service on one of those weeks) It so much simpler to operate this way.

    But I'm still at a loss as to how it worked like that 'out of the box' on my Mac when I began using OpenLP however many years ago it was - 5? - and has been like that ever since.

    But thank you again for the effort you went to in providing me with the instructions. They were invaluable.

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