Single Line Custom Slide text fades over about 20 seconds on projector, but not on mirrored monitor

Not sure if this is a result of our setup, or something else.

We are currently using an HDMI splitter to let us have both a monitor in the booth and the projector showing the secondary display. During a service, songs, or bible verses display without any issue, but if a custom slide with a single line of text is displayed, you can watch the text fade to almost nothing on the projector over about 20 seconds. On the monitor mirroring the same slide, there is no fade. It looks like a transition is being called, but there are no transitions in the theme.

Slides are VERY simple. Black background and white text with no shadow.

Anyone else seen similar?


  • Sounds like there's a issue with your projector or HDMI splitter. Your monitor and projector are both sourced from the same HDMI cable, so they should be identical. I'm not sure what would cause such a strange effect, you could start by checking cable connections.

    It's strange such a thing is even possible...
    Does everything fade slowly on the projector?
    For example, if you open a file browser on the projector, then close it, do you observe an afterimage?
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