Remote won't work on one particular wireless network

edited July 2020 in General Support
Hi, I'm starting out with OpenLP and finding it very useful.  I have one problem that I hope someone can help me with.  I use the remote functionality from my Android phone to a Windows 10 laptop.  It works a treat on my home wifi network and at the school where I take Religious Instruction (in that case using my phones hotspot) but I cannot make a remote connection at church using the wifi network there.  I have confirmed that the IP address of the laptop is set in the OpenLP software and in the App on the phone.  I disabled IP v6 on the church router in case that made a difference but it didn't.  And I can ping my phone from the laptop but I just keep getting the "Unable to process request - check network settings message" whenever I try to connect the two devices at church.  I can always use the hotspot technique at church but it would be better if I didn't have to.  Is there a wifi setting that I should check that might be blocking internal traffic like this?  Any suggestions will be very much appreciated.


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