2.4.6 or 2.9.0 ?

I see folks discussing '2.9.0' & '2.9.1'... but the https://openlp.org/#downloads page is still only serving up '2.4.6'
How soon until a stable release of something higher than 2.4.6 is posted on the openlp.org page?


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    Hi @chjaway, there is no set in stone date because the project is open source and the contributors are all volunteers. That means we work as much or as little as we like, so it is difficult to predict when a stable release will happen. `2.9.0` and `2.9.1` were alpha versions. The next build is planned to be a beta release, which means we're going to try stop adding features and just fix stuff to make the program as stable as possible. Unfortunately, I do not know how many beta releases there will be, or how long it will take between each beta.

    If things continue to progress as they have in the past few months, I'd expect to see the first beta version released in  around one or two months (could be completely wrong). As for when a stable release (`3.0`) is going to happen, not sure, but we are working towards it!
  • I should also add; OpenLP stable releases are even numbers, while development versions are odd numbers. Because of a large time gap, and a lot of change in the code, the OpenLP developers decided to make the next stable release `3.0`. (So, there is no version `2.6` or `2.8`)
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