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Hi Guys,  Been sniffing around here for ages, just not posted before.  I have been Curate at my current Church for  a year, and I arrived not long after a major re-development.  Part of that was the installation of an intergrated sound and vision system.  Sadly the powers at be bought SongPro.  It is AWFUL.  I want to encourage then to OpenLP as it is the best presentation software I have found in either sector (commercial or non!).   However we have a significant back catalog of songs, presentations etc within SongPro 4.  Does anyone know if it is at all possible to import these into OpenLP?   If I can make a good case for OpenLP then I can convince the AV guys to migrate.






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    Hi Kneewax,

    I don't think there's an importer around, unless one of the other lurking forumites has written something and not let us know about it.

    I was investigating this very sort of thing, importing songs from other systems, but I haven't gotten very far. I don't know how much of a techie you are, but if you are, I'd appreciate it if you could do some poking around to figure out where SongPro stores it's songs, and what format.

    Otherwise I will be looking at it in the near future, but I can't guarantee anything "soon".

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    Downloading the evalation copy, it looks like the songs are just stored in an MS Access database. Copy SongsPD4.sdb to SongsPD4.mdb and you can open it in Access.

    (Note, open a copy, not the original, since Access can sometimes 'upgrade' the database rendering it incompatabile with it's application).

    The songs are held in the Chorus table.

    The only complication to exporting is the fact that some (not all) songs are held in rtf format, so it would require a bit of jiggery pokery to extract the lyrics from this, but this shouldn't be too hard to do.

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    I've created an experimental version of a script to do this at:

    Note,I've only got the evaluation version of SongPro to work with, so for all I know the commercial version may have a completely different table structure and have a password on the songs database file! Let me know howyou get on.

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    Hi Gushi,


    Well, I finally got an opportunity to attempt an import using your tool.  It seems to work well.  I tried it on a our Church Database - and it does reasonably well.  At the moment it quits out at the song 'Breakest this Bread...' not sure yet, if there is something intinsic about this  song that is the problem, or there is another reason.  I am going to spend some more time on it tomorrow, so will let you know.


    Thanks for this and your other tools too.  THe Bible Import is brilliant.



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    I'm glad that it works for you for the most part. If you need any help fixing the Breakest this bread problem, please let me know.

    Does it contain any strange/foreign/accented letters? I've hit problems in scripts with those sorts of things before but have usually found a way around them.

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