Song Plugin Disabled

Hello, thank you for OpenLP. It has been a great and essential tool for our worship service. This past Sunday, I was building the song set list... adding songs from our list into the service section. During this time power was accidently removed from our computer. Thinking the computer (older iMac) would reboot and I would resume, I waited to do so. When the computer came back online I opened OpenLP and was immediately greeted with an error message "OpenLP cannot load your database". The address of the database follows the message. The Songs display panel is gone. When i go to the plugin menu section, songs plugin is listed inactive and i cannot change it. Tried removing OpenLP and re-downloading. Still comes up with the error upon initial boot up. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. We've used OpenLP flawlessly for about 3 years now btw. Thanks. 


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