OpenLP has acting a little strange the last 2 sundays not sure if it is a memory shortage problem.

This is on a Mac machine with the most current OS installed.  See picture attached below.  not sure if this is a memory issue.  would click on something in service window and it would move things in the service window sometimes. The go live window in the service window I guess doesn't go to the selected item in service but goes to first item in the group.  For example put Act 2s:30-40.  If select Acts 2:35 and click on Go Live  Button it displays Acts 2:30.  Double click on Acts 2:35 then Acts 2:35 will be displayed.   Or I have an announcements folder with 12 images in it.  Select a image in middle of list.  Click on Go Live button is displays first image in announcement folder.  Double click on it displays right file. Is that how it is supposed to work?


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