Building OpenLP for Windows from source

I recently managed to convince my church to switch to OpenLP for our sunday projection, because it has a number of features our previous software didn't have. Unfortunately, it wasn't perfect, but fortunately being open source, I made a few modifications to the version installed on my Linux laptop, and all is well. I would like, however, to do the same modifications and build it for Windows, so it can run on the church computer, but I have been seriously failing at trying to do so. I have the openlp-master, packaging-master and documentation-master downloaded, and I have tried to get the windows-builder script to run to no avail.

Would anyone be able to give me a basic walkthrough of how to get set up for building it, and config files etc? Sorry if that's super vague...

I followed the instructions here:
and then hoped this would be the rest
but it's a little sparse on details about the final bits of setup...

Thanks so much!


  • Hi!

    If you really are using openlp-master (which I'm reluctant to recommend at the moment), the easiest way to generate a build is to push your customizations to a Pull Request on GitLab, but in the appveyor.yml file, look for FORCE_PACKAGING and change its value to 1 in the appropriate section (win-x86 vs win-x64 vs MacOs).
    This will make the CI system build the Pull Request with installers. Note that all tests must pass (unless you disable the test run in appveyor.yml as well).
    You can click through the pipeline links to find the builds, or look here:
    I hope this makes sense! Best of luck :)
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