• by the way. i am testing 2.9.4  right now because i like the Chords implementation better than how @tomass outlines implementation in 2.4.6. (BTW...great work @tomass and to all for implementing into beta). Slick real SLICK; just the solution I was working toward somehow.

    BUT...the http://x.x.x.x:4316/chords does not advance to next lines when the live view advances. Using Avast, Chrome and Brave browsers on Win7 and Firefox on Ubuntu Mate laptop. Same result regardless. Is it a browser setting I need to fix? CTRL+F5 will refresh to the current Live verse/chorus. That defeats the hands-free stage i was hoping for.

    When I had it working on 2.4.6  it worked just as I hoped. But then it stopped working. Not messing with any PY files or anything.

    Just cannot figure it out.

    Thanks for any assistance.

  • I'm glad the new ccli implementation is working well! (I think you mean version 2.9.1 because there is no 2.9.4 yet)

    An update on the web remote: (This is openlp and web-remote development code, not officially released yet)
    The chords view is fixed (yay!), and the random stopping you get in 2.4.6 should not happen in any of the 2.9.0 releases and onward. From what I've seen in the IRC chat, there are a few other known issues in the web remote that are getting looked into soon.

    Unfortunately that bug you have in 2.4.6 with the web remote suddenly stopping has no easy work around :(
    I could be wrong, but I think it has something to do with multiple requests at the same time. So maybe only having one device connected might help; unfortunately even then I think it can break on occasion. The only other thing I can think of is wait for OpenLP 3.0 :/
  • ninjakiwi you are correct it is v2.9.1. good news is i haven't implemented anything at the church yet. this is just my home environment that does not work correct/consistent. but i am super excited about the chords implementation in 2.9.x vs. 2.4.6.

  • i do have a suggestion. implement support for a 4-pedal usb or blue footswitch with "any key" mapping to the remote chord html the mimics one pedal for the up arrow/previous slide,  one pedal for the down arrow/next slide, one pedal for the transpose up (plus button maybe), and  one pedal for the transpose down (minus button maybe). I am almost a one man-band. keychanges and repeating a verse is very much "calling and audible" from the stage. the guitar player being able to control that is crucial.
  • @essergee (I've moved this to a new thread as we were rather of topic from the ccli stuff)

    If we implement any sort of foot pedal, it will likely be a full midi implementation, which will take quite a bit of effort... On the bright side, I believe you can hook up midi devices using a custom stage view that someone in the community has very kindly shared:

    Transposing is a little more difficult, because I don't think it's available to change even in 2.9.1's web api. Even if you could change it, I don't think it updates until you reload the song into live. The transpose button in 2.9.1's chord view works just on that web page (it transposes locally, does not send it to OpenLP), so you could hook up a key-bind or midi signal to that, but it would be just for your display.
  • aside from the heavily MAC oriented solutions, I appreciate the suggestions.

    Transpose buttons show on the 2.9.1 chord view of the stage. they don't work (but then my 2.9.1 onl shows chords and will not update when live changes slides - different issue), but they are there. and i do not need to tell the host to update DB. This is a just choosing to modulate and sing a key change. just me on guitar, another singer that is just reading the words and a drummer playing by ear.

    next time i use that song, i want it starting in its original key anyhow.
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