Can the remote still connect if our computer is connected through ethernet?

Apologies if this is a seemingly dumb question, but we just switched our church’s computer connection from wifi to ethernet since we use it to stream and needed a better connection. We use the same computer to stream and to run OpenLP. So would this just be a change of IP address in OpenLP settings and the app settings or is there something else I need to do? I saw a post on this subreddit that seemed to explain how to but it seemed pretty complicated so I just wanted to double check before I try all that! Thanks in advance!


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    So long as your new computer's ethernet cable plugs into the same network as your wifi, it should work just the same. Although it sounds like it's not working for you :disappointed:.

    Here's a small checklist that might help:
    - If you're on windows, make sure the network is set as a "private" network (not "public"). This means you trust connections within the network.
    - Check you are connecting to the same gateway. (search that on the internet if you don't know what I mean)
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