Chords not showing on stage and showing inline with verse/choruses in live.

Environment: Win 7, and Win10, OPenLLP v2.4.6, browsers: Chrome, Brave, Avast, IE

Really struggling here. I have had this working once, but never since. It stopped working. I am so frustrated. This isn't that had to implement. 

As evidenced by screenshot, proper formatting tags are in play otherwise I could not save the song when adding it. The slide.html is working or otherwise I would not see the preview of the next verse.

I am convinced if I resolve the chords inline with the verses in live, the issue in remote will resolve itself. 

What am I doing wrong? What am I missing? I have not edited any PY, CSS, HTML, or JS files provided by the install, nor the ZIP for chords implementation. I have uninstalled, deleted remnant folders and edited registry to make sure next install is clean. (If I don't do the regedit, new install finds my old formatting tags and remote IP address.


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