Is there a way to select multiple Bible references from different books?

We are a small church and our pastor normally has quite a number of Bible References as part of His sermon which He always like to have displayed through OpenLP.
We are very short on volunteers, and it seems to be quite time consuming from some of them to select all the Bible references just before the service on a Sunday morning (which is normally the soonest all of the references are available.)

I've been trying to see if we can get a better/more efficient way of entering the passages into OpenLP, and I was hoping that if we got a list that we could just cut and paste all of the references in the one go, it would be a great saving on time.

For example, the scriptures for this Sunday are as follows:
  • Matthew 25:1-13, Ecclesiastes 1:9, Matthew 24:3, Matthew 24:4-5, Luke 21:28, Matthew 24:36, 1 Corinthians 15:20-23, 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18, Matthew 24:4-5, Matthew 25:1-2, Psalm 119:105, Matthew 25:10, Matthew 25:11-12, Titus 2:11-14, Psalm 119:105, Isaiah 40:31, Matthew 24:36, Matthew 24:42, Matthew 24:44, Matthew 25:13

Right now, we have to highlight each reference, ALT TAB to OPENLP, paste into the search in Bibles, hit return, and then drag the verses over into the Service Manager, then go back to Google Docs, highlight the next reference, go back to OpenLP and paste into the Bible Search bar again for the next reference, and repeat this process for every reference.
I'd love to be able to highlight everything at the one time, (even if it means modifying the original document to put a comma between each passage), and then paste this into the search bar, but that doesn't seem to work.  It would need to be able to accept something like Book Chapter:Verse-Verse,Book Chapter:verse-verse,Book Chapter:Verse-Verse
At the moment, if I paste in multiple passages, I get a Scripture Reference warning telling me that the Scripture reference is not supported by OpenLP or is invalid. Please make sure that your scripture reference conforms to one fo the following patterns or consult the manual.... and then it lists the various formats supported, but Book Chapter:Verse-Verse,Book Chapter:verse-verse,Book Chapter:Verse-Verse is not one of the supported formats.

Is there any way to get around this to speed up input of lots of references???


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