Translation update, new Bible Version, new Tool

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Hey everyone,

I have just published a new version of the German translation on my website.

Along with it comes another German Bible Version. Now there are two German Bible translations avaliable for free. (Volxbibel 2.0, Neue evangelistische Übertragung rev. 12). More to come soon. (in progress: Luther 1545, Schlachter 1951, ...)Screenshot

In addition to that I have created a small tool, that cleans song titles from full stops and commas. It is similar to the one gushie has published, but written in Python with a GTK interface. Also it does not cramble German Umlauts (ä,ö,ü,...) but just remove unwanted characters.

I'm currently working on a Zefania-XML to converter and on a Author Cleanup Tool (remove unused authors, split authors that contain more than 1 name [we have that problem due to importing songs from OpenSong Format])

A few more tools are planned but developement hasn't started yet. Comments are always welcome.

Praise God!



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