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Not sure if i am just being stupid here.  Hope someone can help.  I have been using openlp for a while now and thoproughly enjoy it - a fantastic piece of software.  When i have used a powerpoint presentation in the past, we hacve used simple powerpoint presentations.  On Sunday, however a guest speaker came along and his power point presentation had fly in bullet points etc.  When i tried to get those working, I could not enable the features.  All that came up was the basic slide,  When i advanced slides it went to the next basic slide, missing out all the bullet points.  How do i work all the features in powerpoint from within OpenLp.?



Thanks once again.


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    Hi PeterG,

    Just to put your mind at rest, you're not being stupid. openlp.org seems to be a bit quirky in this area. From my tests I've concluded:

    1. If you enable hot keys in the options, then pressing CTRL-ALT-Z will progress through the powerpoint bullet-point by bullet-point as you want.

    2. If you press the page up/down keys then this will progress slide by slide 

    3. To get the [<<] [>>] buttons under the preview of all the slides to work properly: After going live on the  powerpoint, you first need to click on the first slide within the slide previews (even if it's already highlighted), and then these buttons start working properly (by bullet point)

    How to step through bullet points

    Hope this helps. If you still have trouble, please let me know which version of PowerPoint you are using.

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    Thanks Gushie,


    I shall try all those suggestions as soon as I can and let you know the results.


    Peter G

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    Although I'm going to give the previously mentioned idea a go, I thought I'd also mention that if that doesn't work, you'll find if you click on the Powerpoint Show window that appears on the task bar when you first launch the presentation, then you'll be able to use Powerpoint shortcut keys, etc to progress.  The disadvantage - well you used OpenLP to launch the show but not to run it - therefore the 'Go Live' screen isn't going to have what is presently live to screen.

    I only mention it as a backup plan - the other idea sounds heaps better.

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    I'm testing openlp to see if we can use it in our church but I'm having a similar problem with powerpoint.  I want to use a wireless presenter (kensington 33374) for ppt but when I do it includes the whole slide rather than separate bullet points at a time.

    It works ok if I click on the powerpoint show window as suggested above but it would be easier if I didn't need to do that.

    Is this still the only solution - I see that the original post is from a while back?

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    Yes. openlp.org 1.2.x is not being developed anymore, with OpenLP 2.0's release on the horizon.

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    Thanks for the info. Just a couiple of questions..

    So do you think it will work better on version 2.0 in the same way it does with other programmes?

    How long will I have to wait for version 2?  Are we talking months or weeks?  Not meaning to badger you or anything as I realise it is a lot of work, free, and very good as it is, but it would be useful to have a rough idea.

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    We cannot make any guarantees as far as presentation controllers are concerned since they are all different. Some act as a mouse with left/right click. Some act as page up/down keys. Some act as cursor up/down keys. Some are programmable so you can tailor it to the program in question. Better keyboard hotkey support is however one of our aims, so hopefully this might make it easier to use controllers.

    2.0 final is still probably months away. The developers are working hard to try and get an "alpha" release out of the door fairly soonish. But as you acknowledge, we're all volunteers working in our spare time, and if something unexpected crops up in our family/work/church/etc life, spare time is often the thing that disappears :(

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