Open LP 2.4.6 works great on the new Linux Mint Xfce 19.3 (32bit) and Linux MinXfce 20.1 (64bit)

Thanks so so much. Linux Mint Xfce 19.3 on 32bit computer and Linux Mint Xfce 20.1 on 64bit computer worked as a dual boot with Windows 10. What's even better is that OpenLP works great on both computers performing fantastic. The best solutions since "ice cream"! Both OpenLP and VLC installed and ran perfect with no error from Terminal.

Downloaded Linux Mint Xfce 19.3 32bit from Oklahoma University mirror site:

Downloaded Linux Mint Xfce 20.1 64bit from Oklahoma University mirror site:

Open Terminal (ctrl-alt-T) and ran the following to install. Better better than ice cream!

(1) sudo apt update

(2) sudo apt install vlc

(3) sudo apt install openlp

(4) sudo apt update

(5) sudo apt upgrade

(6) sudo apt install python3-distutils (must run this for OpenLP to run)

(7) sudo apt update

(8) openlp

I've been using Linux for years, but this was the first I've seen of Linux Mint. It looks like this is an upgrade on Ubuntu 20?

Again Thanks so much!

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