Screen distortion after install

Using windows 10 and OpenLP 3 (2.9.2) and I'm getting this screen, what went wrong? I've had successful installs on 2 other laptops, so any advice would be appreciated.


  • From what I've seen, this is a graphics driver bug. Would you happen to be using intel graphics? Others have solved this problem by updating their intel graphics driver. (

  • Thanks for this. I should have clarified, that I did see this after some searching earlier. However, since I wasn't using Intel graphics, I was hoping there was a another way to solve the issue without a driver update.

    I'm actually using a laptop with a GTX GeForce GTX 1650 with 4GB of RAM. But I realize that I do have a driver update from Nvidia this month. I will install and see if that improves the view.

    The display view is at 100% And I'm at native resolution (1920x1080)

    Oddly enough, while I see this screen like this, I can still access the menu and access the options, show/hide views. Though I do have to "blind click" on the upper white stripe that was once a menu. No luck with the giant buttons though ;)

  • It was due to Intel video! Apparently my setup has both Intel and Nvidia video onboard.

    So I needed to set the laptop to enforce the Nvidia card usage. And once I did that the screen was normal! I didn't (and probably should) update the Intel drivers. Instead, I set my video card as the main GPU on my system.

    If you happen to have a laptop or a MOBO with Intel onboard video and an Nvidia card, making this setting in the Nvidia Control Panel may come in handy.


  • I'm glad you worked it out! That one had me stumped.

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