Remote feature dropping out

Hey all, my church has been using OpenLP for quite some time now and it's a great program. lately we've been having issues with the remote function dropping out 2-4 times during service for a few minutes each. Our set up is a HP laptop hard wired to our router (no internet) through a AVB switch which is also for our mixer. So I'm wondering if there's just too much traffic and it's booting the person running the remote app? We typically have the rack mixer, console mixer, Ipad to run mixer, 1 Iphone running IEM mix, 2 Iphone's running OpenLP remote (person running lyrics then the pastors phone to run his powerpoint during sermon), Laptop running OpenLP connected to the router (either hardlined through avb switch or connected wireless). So 6-8 devices most of the time. It's a new router with all gigabit ports. I used to connect the laptop wirelessly, but the issue started so I thought maybe if I hardlined it it would help, which it didn't. During our last service the remote cut out twice during songs but then worked perfect for the pastor to run his slides.

Thoughts? Too many devices? Put laptop and remotes on own network? (which I really want to avoid adding another router if possible). We've had no issues with any of the sound equipment or devices dropping out, only the OpenLP remote. Thanks for any help!


  • You didn't mention what version of OpenLP you are running it might help to know this.

    One thing I have done in the past is to turn off cellular data on any devices that are wireless. Many devices will change wireless data between cellular and WIFI if they see a more reliable/faster service is available. The remote app or webpage must be on the same network as the PC running if the cellular device thought the WIFI was slow or had no internet it might change to the Cellular data and that would cause it to not work.

  • It's version 2.4.6

    Ahh yes that makes sense. I'll try that this Sunday! Thanks!

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