Video screen capture of OpenLP service

Hi. This is not an OpenLP question or issue but I was wondering if anyone had ever used screen capture software to create a video of what OpenLP is displaying in Live View? In this particular case I have an audio file linked in the Song Editor and the words displayed on the projector. Normally I either use the laptop keyboard or my phone to change the slides as the song progresses but I need to have my hands free in order to do actions to the song with the kids in my class. There isn't anyone else who can change the slides for me.

My idea was to run some screen capture software while I manually change the slides and play the music, then play back the video for the kids. I tried the X Box Game bar that is built into Windows 10 and it records OK but not the live view - just the OpenLP window that's open behind the live view.

Is there some way to do this?



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