Network stream - play youtube videos?

Hi all,

TL;DR. - Is it possible to play youtube videos directly from OLP?

Having had issues with getting media to play in OLP, we've had to migrate to alternative presentation software for the last few months. While it resolved the media playing problem, it's a really rubbish piece of software!

I was excited to see a new version of OPENLP Beta, so figured I'd give it a go... Happy to see that playing local media files is now working excellently.


One of the things that worked really well in that other software was that we could just put a youtube link in, and it would play the video - really useful for playing music at the moment while we have restrictions on what we can do live.

I can see in OLP a new entry in the media manager called "network stream" - this would seem to suggest that we should be able to stream stuff from youtube (I've also tried vimeo), however when I put a link in there, nothing loads when I send it live.

Is this how it is supposed to work? There's nothing in the documentation about it.

I'd love your feedback.


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