No footer displayed for lyrics

I have re-installed OpenLPPortable a few times to try and sort out how I want it to work, and to import songs from EasySlides. Each time I set up my default Theme, the footer for the lyrics doesn't get displayed. I have played around with settings a few times, and sometimes it does appear, but I have no idea what it is that guarantees success. At the moment I have Themes set at the Global Level it the hope that would work, but to no avail. Can anyone advise?



  • I have resolved the issue. I have three monitors, two at 1920x1200 and another at 1280x1024. I have created the Theme to be displayed on one of the first two, but it was displaying on the third. My guess is the text was therefore below the display area. I will have to look at the guidance on creating Themes to better understand all the nuances!

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