Move on from a media item with a clicker?

Hi everyone,

We often have our presentation software setup so that the service leader can just click on through the entire service with a remote bluetooth clicker.

I've hit a problem with migrating to OpenLP, in that media items don't seem to move on!

For example, I load a video file, and then after the video file put up a bible reading followed by some song lyrics. When the video finishes playing, clicking on the remote does NOT move OpenLP on to the Bible reading. However if I manually open the reading (from the computer), the clicker can then move from the reading to the songs and back again...

Is there a setting I'm missing that allows us to navigate off media items?


  • @CanguroB If you clicker is able, configure a button to mimic the Right arrow key. This is the "Next Service" button and if you want the ability to go to the previous Service item configure a button to mimic the Left arrow key.

    In the Configure shortcuts menu item you can change the Left and Right to something else if you need to.

    Also there is a Setting on the Service page that helps with navigating the Service items....but video appears to not have a beginning or ending slide!

  • Thanks for the shortcuts tip - I'll bodge it with a different button for now!

    I guess the problem is OLP not recognising a "last slide" moment in videos.

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