OpenLP causes projector to lose connection

Hi all again!

Still trying to migrate to OpenLP, hit another problem.

I can run powerpoint presentations without a problem.

When I'm running OpenLP, the projector will often lose connection to the source, the projector message will come up saying no source found (or something like that), and then come back again. I can't seem to find any rhyme or reason. It happens on certain Bible Passage slides (but not others), on certain song lyric slides (but not others) and occasionally during videos.

I can show the same lyrics or passages or media items from powerpoint without any sort of issue!

I've tried modifying templates, to see if I could fix it that way, but I haven't been able to stumble onto anything that has made any difference.

Running OLP 2.9.2 on Win 10, PPT 365 on this particular computer.


  • This doesn't sound like an issue with OpenLP, perhaps you had a loose cable?

  • I agree with ninjakiwi, that it is probably not OpenLP causing this. We have one screen at church that does this occasionally whilst the exact same screen on the other side of the church remains on. I have not yet managed to find out why although I have changed cables etc.

    We have another screen at the back of the church that works solidly for 99% of the time but some PowerPoint slides will cause it to blank out. I can only assume that our use of FullHD must be just on the edge of what the screen can handle.

    So yes I'd check cabling then if possible try a lower resolution to the projector and see what happens.

    Hth, Paul

  • Thanks for the suggestions.

    I replaced the VGA splitter for a much more powerful HDMI matrix, and that sees to have ironed out the issues.

    It was screwing with me that Powerpoint didn't have any issues, but OpenLP did!

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