Bug report email bounced

I tried to delete a songbook from OpenLP and was presented with a dialog box indicating an error had occurred. I elected to email the information but received an "Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender" email indicating the email had been bounced. For information, the content of the original email was:

**OpenLP Bug Report**Version: {'build': None, 'full': '2.4.6', 'version': '2.4.6'}--- Details of the Exception. ---Trying to delete a songbook --- Exception Traceback ---Traceback (most recent call last):  File "openlp\plugins\songs\forms\songmaintenanceform.py", line 492, in on_delete_book_button_clicked  File "openlp\plugins\songs\forms\songmaintenanceform.py", line 109, in _delete_itemAttributeError: 'Book' object has no attribute 'songs'--- System information ---Platform: Windows-10-10.0.19041-SP0--- Library Versions ---Python: 3.4.4Qt5: 5.5.1PyQt5: 5.5.1QtWebkit: 538.1SQLAlchemy: 1.0.11SQLAlchemy Migrate: -BeautifulSoup: 4.4.1lxml: 3.4.4Chardet: 2.3.0PyEnchant: 1.6.6Mako: 1.0.3pyICU: 1.9.2pyUNO bridge: -VLC: -

Can anyone advise why my email was bounced?


  • We no longer take bug reports from 2.4.6 because a lot of the code has been re-written over the last 4 years. 2.4.6 is still the current "stable" version of OpenLP but most errors from that version are fixed and ready for the next release.

    We had a lot of bug reports from OpenLP 2.4.6 almost daily that we had to sort through, most of which were resolved or duplicates.

    I do not know exactly how the reports from 2.4.6 were blocked as I was not involved in the process, although I thought it sent back an email explaining the situation.

  • Thanks for the information.

    Has 2.4.6 been around for 4 years? When is the next release anticipated? Is it worth downloading a beta version, or better to wait for the next release?

  • @Dangthrimble The decision to use the beta version is up to you....but remember it is a beta version! I used 2.4.6 for a long time and am currently running a development version, but then I enjoy the edge of insanity when it comes to OpenLP. The development team is working hard to release the next version, but picking a date is not easy with software this complex.

    I made my decision along time ago....and don't regret it at all.

  • @JohnM Thanks for the information. How stable is the current beta? And how would I go about accessing it, through GitLab? If others within our church continue with 2.4.6 and I elect to go with the beta, will we be able to share our config, etc?

  • @Dangthrimble The beta is somewhat stable; as John mentioned he uses it. If you do choose to use the beta, be safe and backup your OpenLP data folder just in case. We haven't had any reports of data deletion or corruption but it's better safe than sorry.

    You can upgrade configs, etc, to the beta but you will not be able to downgrade for others using OpenLP 2.6.4.

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