Presentations In A Tile View Instead Of List

Is there a way to have Preview/Live show presentations in a tiled view instead of a list view?

List is fine for songs and verses, where there will only be a handful of entries and they will usually be fairly short (height-wise), but presentations can have many slides and each item takes up a sizeable height.

In my case, I can see 4 slides at a time and there is a bunch of white space on both sides of the thumbnail.

In Worship Extreme Presenter, I can see 12 at a time (and you can adjust the size of the thumbnails for more or less visible slides).

Obviously, if the presentation is set up sequentially, this wouldn't be an issue.



  • @doubleJ There was a request to change the live and preview screens by having multiple thumbnail images in a grid format, not sure if this is still an active request, but at this time you can only view things in the current manor.

    You can expand the presentation in the Service and IF the presentation slides have titles, you can select the out of order slides from the service.

    The Service area is not very large by default, but if you use the View menu to turn off the Themes and Projector views the Service area is much larger.

  • Thanks for the info.

    Of course, many times, it's easier to see the slide than read the title.

    If we don't get a grid option, maybe an option to resize would be acceptable.

    You can still read a smaller size and it would fit more slides in the same space.

    Also, it looks like I can make the actual preview and live windows smaller.

    That would allow more slides to show, as well.


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