What Is Included In Export/Save?

I've been working with OpenLP, at home, intending to install it at a local church that I support.

I've created some themes, custom slides, and imported various types of media.

When you export a theme or save a service, what all is included?

Let's take slides...

I choose a background image and choose that image from the hard drive.

Is that file included in the exported theme so that it's there when imported?

Let's take services...

If you have a video file imported into the Media library and add it to the service, will it be available if opened on another computer?

What about presentations, etc...?

I do see options in Settings for importing missing songs and custom slides from service files, but that doesn't say anything about themes, images, audio, bibles, etc...

I also read that both computers have to be running the same version of OpenLP.

What if you copy the data folder?

Will the libraries automatically be populated?

I've seen various posts about Bibles not showing up.

That seems like a huge deal, as importing Bible translations is such a laborious process.

I'd rather not have to redo a bunch of work that I've already done.

Although, maybe doing everything as portable would make this all work.

Theoretically, everything would be self-contained and you could just copy everything over.



  • @doubleJ Copying the Data directory will copy everything to your second or third computer. But don't get to excited....there are issues that can be caused by doing this!

    The Service file does contain most of the items, Themes, Songs, Bible Verses... I would not be surprised to find media files included. But think about the warnings in the manual about having to have the DVD in the drive when presenting from the DVD!

    Most people that use multiple computers do three things.

    1. Copy the Data Directory. (this contains working copies of all your information)
    2. Copy the original image/media directories. (This gets specific to the OS, but all the original directories need to be the same directory.....For Windows they should be located at the root of the C:/ drive....so c:/org/images)
    3. Copy the Service file (Putting in the c:/org/ directory makes this simple.)

    IF you just copy the Data directory you can have issues when you upgrade to a new version of OpenLP. In the Data directory of OpenLP the location of all the images, presentation and media files is recorded. When OpenLP upgrades, it needs the original image, presentation and media files to "rebuild" the databases in the Data directory to make sure nothing is lost in the translation between versions.

  • Thanks for the heads-up...

    It seems like building some cloud support would be worthwhile (Worship Extreme does this).

    You can upload custom Bibles and imported media.

    What you would call services are automatically sync'd.

    It works very well.


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