Several minor problems with v1.0.1

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hey there everybody,

there are two problem that occurred lately with

  • Suddenly, the user that runs on Windows XP had no more access rights to the database and several other files. This problem has now occured two times, on different computers, one with Professional and one with Home Edition. I'm not sure if this is related to, but I can't figure out what else could cause the same problem twice. To fix this, we had to set file permissions anew. (which we were yet unable to fix on HomeEdition: is there a way to manually change the AppData path of I guess this is a feature request.)
  • Today there were many error-messages, the databse could not be written, the sqlite.dll reported some exception; also refreshing slides did not work anymore. I'm afraid I can't reproduce the bug. I'll try and report wether I find out anything. Killing openlp and re-opening resumed normal operation.
  • When writing a song to the database fails, the dialog should not close, but report an error and remain opened. This happened to us several times (connected to above issues) and we then had to re-enter the whole lyrics. With the message we know what to do and can backup the text to notepad or OOo.

So much for now. I'll try reproducing that second bug




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    Is the operator using a "Limited User" account rather than an "Administrator" account?

    Confused as to why it's suddenly started happening, unless you've changed the permissions of this account? Although wouldn't put it past Microsoft to issue an automatic update which changes folder permissions without warning :-)

    I'm guessing that you'll need to check the user in question has write permission to the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\ folder and it's contents. This might be easier in XP Pro than it will be in XP Home.

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    It was a Limited User Account.

    Windows Updates is a good idea, but I don't remember and since there is no real update log, it's hard to find out now. Strangley, that problem occured twice withing 4 months. (so there must be two different updates causing the same trouble) - which is kinda unlikely I think.

    The user did not have explicit write rights on that folder before but it worked perfectly. Then we had to set the rights explicitly for that to work. Unfortunately on XP Home there is no Permissions tab to set file and folder permissions. I guess we'll have to run in a wine-emulated environment on WinXPHome to overcome that problem - I don't have any other solution right now

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    Under the hood, XP Home has the same security as XP Pro. They've just hidden it, perhaps they think to make life simpler? I don't know.

    There seem to be quite a number of links explaining how to work around it if you Google for: xp home folder security
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