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We are using One License instead of CCLI. The church is still very traditional and One License has more coverage of hymns compared to CCLI. I entered the One License number into OpenLP where it asks for the CCLI number. Only problem is that One License has alphanumeric characters at the end, so I truncated it. Now when I display a song, it shows the license number on the screen, but with the prefix "CCLI License."

Is there a configuration option somewhere to change the license prefix, or is CCLI hard coded?


  • @kurl8rocks You didn't mention what version of OpenLP you are running....might make a difference! In version 2.9.2 you should be able to modify the footer in the song page of settings. I think there may be something I don't understand about modifying the footer, but I did find that I could add the song's topic to the footer and could place One License information to the song and have it displayed in the footer.

    1. Go into Settings and select the Songs page.
    2. Add `One License: ${topics}<br/>` to the footer template on the line below the ${title}<br/> and press Enter.
    3. Save your changes by clicking on the OK button in the bottom right of the window.
    4. Edit a song and put the One License number in the Topic text box and click on the `Add to Song` button.
    5. Save your edited song.
    6. Display the song to the Live display and your One License number should be displayed.

    As a side note, leave the CCLI field blank and that line won't be displayed.

  • @kurl8rocks After a bit of research I found a good solution. It is not as clean as the CCLI setup but it works.

    Edit a song and add `<br/> Reprinted with permission under ONE LICENSE #A-xxxxxxx. All rights reserved.`

    This way each song you show will have the line displayed in the Footer. It means you would have to edit each song each week.

    IF you are running version 2.9.2 you can make a change to the Footer template to include the line by adding the line at the end of the template.

  • Or you can just add it as part of the copyright line. In fact, if you know SQL, it’s very easy to append it to every song’s copyright. I can give details if desired.

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    @JohnM Thank you for the info. I'm running OpenLP 2.4.6. It looks like the most recent available at Where do I get 2.9?

    @alsorrell Yes I know SQL.

    I also tried adding a songbook with the One License number, and I can add the hymn number. That works well too.

  • @kurl8rocks Version 2.92 is the current Beta is not 100% ready for prime time, but it is working.

    I believe the idea with SQL was to use an SQL browser to edit the copywrite line in the database to add the One License information. This is quick if all the songs in the database are under One License....for me it is a bit of both licenses so It takes a bit more to make sure that if there is a song number in the CCLI song number space than ignore that record.

    Let me know if you need help editing the database, one of us will be able to help!

  • Thank you @JohnM

    I will wait for 2.92 bugs to be worked out before trying to use. I used to be comfortable with taking risks because I also used to be a coder... but it has been too long!

    I suspect all of our hymns will be under One License for now. It is an Anglican church with very traditional music. The songbook approach is working well for now and I will not always be the person in charge of OpenLP so best to use what is built-in.

  • @kurl8rocks Glad you found the workaround as something you can use! No worries on not trying some point it will be released and you can try it then.

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